Queen of Sheba

Coffee for the Soul, Healing and A Long Life

The perfect cup of coffee from the birth place of coffee, brewed for healing and with the guest’s health in mind. Our roasted coffee beans are not only organic but never older than seven days, and our coffee service is in the Ethiopian tradition of coffee ceremony, designed not only to bring the “sunshine to the soul,” and to “ward off the evil spirits which hover over us” but also for decompression, relaxation, and to help us see in fact that the grass is not green on the other side but greenest on our side, and count our blessings!

Whatever your next event may be, St. Yared Cuisine is pleased to be a part of your plan.
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Coffee for Health

St. Yared® Ethiopian Coffee

At St. Yared's Tea & Coffee, we have brought that timeless Ethiopian tradition to Fishers/Geist. Our coffee beans are not only organic and the best Arabica beans but also they are roasted fresh with an extraordinary reverence and technical mastery. They are the best Arabica beans roasted with an extraordinary reverence and technical mastery available for sale.
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Coffee Fit for Saints, Priests, Deacons, Monks, Nuns, Hermits and the Rest of Us:

Ethiopia has been first on many fronts. Not only has it been the first country to adopt Christianity as its national religion first and the first country to put the Cross on its national currency but it was also the country which the Prophet Mohammed called the “land of peace and justice where the King gives religious freedom.” It was in this land of the Queen of Sheba and home to the Arch of the Covenant where sometime in the 9th century and in the Ethiopian province of Keffa, the shepherd Khalid was intrigued by the fact that his flock of goats tended to become lively and more joyful every time they ate the ripe berries off the coffee plant. Curious, he boiled some berries of coffee and treated himself to the supernatant, following which he found himself in a state joy and vivacity. Then the discovery made it to the monasteries where the Priests, Deacons, Monks, Nuns and Hermits took it to the next level. They affirmed that when coffee is roasted not only did it bring the “Sunshine to the Soul but vanished with smoke were the evil spirits hovering over man!” And so was born the world's second most traded commodity, taking a backseat only to petroleum!


Coffee & Tea

Stop by and pick up a bag of our superior Ethiopian Coffee or Tea, and experience your very own Ethiopian adventure in the luxury of your own home.
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