The Perfect Cup from the Birth Place of Coffee

Sometime in the 9th century and in the Ethiopian province of Keffa, the shepherd Khaldi was intrigued by the fact that his flock of goats tended to become lively and more joyful every time they ate the ripe berries off the coffee plant. His discovery had opened the avenue for the use and spread of coffee across the world making it now the world's second most traded commodity, taking a backseat only to petroleum, with the coffee market earning nearly $60 billion dollars annually.

While Ethiopia is among the top ten exporters of coffee, it is uniquely the highest consumer of the coffee it produces. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is primarily a spiritual event in which coffee is served for healing, decompression, relaxation, and for reflecting on life and counting blessings. It is also social event where family, neighbors and friends gather and share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, gossip and community events. The Ethiopian tradition dictates one should not drink coffee alone.

At the Global Village Coffee of Saint Yared Ethiopian Cuisine, we have brought that authentic and timeless Ethiopian tradition to Fishers/Geist. Our coffee beans are not only the best Arabica beans but also they are roasted fresh with an extraordinary reverence and technical mastery. Come and open the day and everyday with us beginning at 6:00 a.m. or join us for lunch or dinner, and experience that other Ethiopian adventure in timeless culinary taste.

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